is a restaurant experience.

Tableware, interiors, and menu are customized (and sometimes custom-built) to enhance the development of relationships.



It was unusual, and a little uncomfortable at first, but the evolution of the night was the most impressive part. The growth the intimacy the communion that can occur in the dining experience.”


The food was delicious and the social experience was intimate and empowering.


Went beyond my expectations. I expected to have intimate conversations with strangers but my interactions and way of being in social situations was also challenged in a good way.”



Unique to March 2018’s mesclao’: the Trougher Table, Pine Thank Yous, Canvas Napkins, disposable camera & conversation prompts.


Alinea & troughs.

mesclao’ would not be possible without Maria Gerdyman, my partner in this adventure. Please look at her work here and here.