Assorted paintings, prints, & sculptures from January.


2018: A Retrospective
16” x 12” 
notes, calendars, loose papers, tread

Part of my calendar series. Part of the DIM private collection.

consumption's assumption
6.2" x 3.0"
paper, cloth, type

Work developed during a course in which I learned about Susan Bordo's observations  on masculine overcompensation and men's internalized sense of powerlessness.
Exhibited at Yellow House Gallery's Identity ShowProvidence, RI


Habit-chuela –– Elm, laser cut (left)
WE ARE NOT OPEN AND WE ARE NOT SORRY –– Elm, plexiglass, paper (right)
Exhibited at Lefferts House in Brooklyn, NYC
Press: Hyperallergic, RISD, Untappedcities, Recobklyn

Untitled 1 –– upycled wood, acrylic paint, metal bolt, aluminum cap (R)
Untitled 2 –– upycled wood, acrylic paint (L)

Assorted fabric & patchwork explorations.